Environmentally responsible

Unit Design, Appliances & Surfaces
Living, working and playing near the ocean reduces the dependence on the car, this lowers carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

Frigidaire appliance package is Energy Star Rated, energy efficient. Compact Blomberg refrigerators use less electricity — less carbon emissions and are Energy Star rated. Compact dishwashers use less water. Their 18” width prevents operating larger dishwashers half-full. LG energy rated “stack” washer/dryers.

Qortstone countertops are made out of natural quartz recycled material and come with a lifetime warranty. They are non-porous preventing growth of surface mold and microbes.

Double glazed windows limit heat loss as well as reduce ambient noise. Additional insulation throughout the building keeps the units cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Water & Energy Conservation, Landscape & Exterior
Highly efficient central water heaters conserve energy.

100% of the rainwater that lands on the building is filtered twice, cleansing it, before it enters the city’s storm drain system, that ultimately transfers the rainwater into the ocean.

There is both a recycling chute and separate trash chute in the building to encourage recycling. There is a recycling and separate trash container in the parking garage.

Landscape design consists of drought resistant and native plants that process toxins from the environment.

Landscape drip system minimizes the use of valuable water.

The canopy from the sidewalk trees shade the building naturally cooling the interior reducing electric usage and air-conditioning consumption.

Exterior tiles along walkways and in the courtyard are of recycled material from Walker Zanger.